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Facilitating the development of transformational leaders and organizations


TRANSFORM COACHING is a human capital consulting firm focused on transformational leader and organizational development. We work with business leaders, facilitating transformative learning and development, allowing them to achieve personal and professional excellence.

We promote transformational leadership growth with proven methods and approaches that are metrics-driven and in close alignment with corporate objectives and initiatives. We believe that organizational effectiveness is achieved through the development of leadership within the organization at multiple levels. Learning to leverage leadership strengths promotes transformative change which is sustainable for the individual and the organization.

Transformation happens with commitment, alignment, communication and attitude.    

About Us


TRANSFORM COACHING was formed in 2010 to serve organizations in building transformational leaders for a sustainable future. We work with leaders in identifying key leadership capacity and growing necessary leadership skills, transforming and enhancing their current level of leadership.

Our emphasis is on facilitating the development of the whole individual, identifying and leveraging core strengths to mitigate skill gaps and behaviors. Our approach allows leaders at all levels to explore their potential for growth and become the impactful leader they want to be.



Angela is a professionally trained coach and consultant, with an emphasis in leadership authenticity and transparency, skills development, and team dynamics. She has demonstrated, and documented success coaching others in the areas of individual development for succession, organizational development, organizational effectiveness, and improving team dynamics through enhanced communication and use of impactful language skills.

As an Executive Coach, Angela works with C-Suite executives, senior leaders and high potential candidates on issues pertaining to succession planning, leader development and assessment, and team effectiveness. She has dedicated her coaching practice to collaborating with organizations and business leaders desiring to catapult their professional career to the next level and pursue career transformation.




Transformation requires leadership - a dedicated, accountable and inspirational who can lead others through the complexities of change. Organizations need transformational leaders to inspire and motivate a flexible culture of performance and scalable sustainability in meeting these changes


Transformational change in an organization is, by and far, the most rewarding type of change from a productivity and performance perspective, and also from a morale, motivation and teamwork point of view. A transformational organization will focus heavily on alignment: between the vision and strategic direction, company culture and talent management.


Organizational strategy and alignment often happen in a vacuum - without input or participation from members of the organization. This often leads to lower performance, morale and organizational growth. Successful organizational transformation occurs when the people side of change is included in the planning and implementation process. 


My affiliation with the Leadership Pipeline Institute is a capstone in my professional career. I am honored to work with the best and brightest in global organizations facilitating leadership workshops.

As a human capital professional, I have never experienced such a powerful program for leaders. The “light-bulb” moments are continuous throughout the program, and participants walk away feeling empowered, confident and ready to implement new skills with their teams. 


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